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Have your birthday party at our school and have one of the best parties you will ever have!!!!

We do EVERYTHING!!!  Mom and Dad bring the cake and their camera.  We do everything else!!!  We provide all decorations and paper goods (in Martial Arts theme), we conduct at 45 minute Taekwondo class, cut the cake with a sword, serve the cake and drinks, open the gifts, birthday child breaks a real board and all the other kids get to sign it!!  

Best of all??  We do all the clean up!!!


$200.00 for non-students, birthday child and 10 guests, approximately a 2 hour party.

$149.00 for current students.

Stop in or email for a brochure.

Basic Package Includes:
      1 Instructor and 1 Assistant (if necessary) for 1 ½ hours
We do all the work for you!  We provide tables, chairs, cut the cake with your child, teach the class, play the games, organize the food, and supervise the gift opening.
      45 minute Taekwondo Workout
We’ll take the kids through an actual Taekwondo class.  They’ll learn how to punch properly, kick properly, break a board and of course a little self defense.  We’ll play games too.  If your child is a current ATA student, he or she can show off their skills to their friends!
      Party setup and cleanup
All you do is bring the cake – we do everything else!!
      REAL board for Birthday Boy/Girl to break
You get the real thing – a real wooden board to break and keep!  Have everyone sign it! All the guests will break a re-breakable board.
Streamers, balloons, banners
      Martial Arts themed paper goods (tablecloth, napkins, cups, plates)
      Cake cutting with a SWORD!
Parents bring the cake – that’s all!!!  Nothing is cooler than eating a cake that is cut with a sword      (with Mr. Campbell’s assistance!)
      Group picture
Get all of your guests together with you and your instructor for a group photo, presented to you in a frame at the end of the party.
      Coupons for 2 weeks of free Taekwondo classes for each guest.
      Special Birthday Boy or Girl Pin
      Birthday child wears a black belt all day!!
Add-Ons to the Basic Birthday Party:
 ______   Obstacle Course $50.00
 ______   Additional guests (beyond 10) $5.00 each
                       Want to bring more friends?  Go ahead.  Just let us know in advance.
 ______   Goody Bags  ($2.00 per person, Birthday boy/girl free)
                  Baggies filled with a Karate item, tattoos, stickers, candy, other goodies
 ______   Martial Arts headbands($3.00 per person)   (3 weeks notice)
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